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Casiii Acer and Macbook Keyboard Cover in the news 

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Casiii Releases Acer Chromebook Keyboard Cover To Numerous Positive Reviews 

Black Silicon Keyboard Cover for Acer 11.6_ Chromebook

Casiii Acer and Macbook Keyboard Cover in the news

Black Silicon Keyboard Cover for Acer 11.6_ Chromebook[/caption]

Casiii Inc., a business in Hillside, NJ, has recently launched a new line of premium silicon keyboard covers for the Acer Chromebook. As soon as it was released, the product immediately started to gather a lot of interest from consumers. While only having been available for a short period of time, the silicon keyboard cover has already received nearly 100 positive reviews.

Nir Cohen from Casiii Inc. says: "We are so happy to see that people love our product. We worked a long time to develop something that worked and is fit for purpose, as well as surpassing other similar items in terms of quality, durability and affordability. To see that this is recognized by our happy customers is wonderful news."

The Acer keyboard skin has a number of key benefits. Its main goal is to protect the keyboard from spills, dirt and dust, as well as usual wear and tear. It is ultra thin and very flexible, fitting seamlessly on most Chromebook models without changing the look or feel of the keyboard. The skin is designed to be hygienic and durable. It can be reused again and again, as it can simply be removed and washed and disinfected before being put back in place.

The ultrathin silicon keyboard cover fits the Chromebook 11.6" models CB3-111, C720, and the C720P.

Those who have tried the product have been full of praise. "I received the turquoise keyboard cover for the Acer Chromebook and the color is very pretty," says Amazon customer Laura. "The color in person is very close to the color in the product pictures. This keyboard cover is silicon and is very easy to apply and clean. You do not have to apply each key separately. All the keys come on one sheet that you just peel off and set on the keys. It is also very easy to remove but yet it does stay in place and does not move around. I love how it keeps my keyboard clean and blocks particles from getting caught under and around my keys. It also helps prevent liquid from getting on the keys."

Casiii offers premium computer accessories that are relevant to today's world. Eco-friendly, durable and good looking, they are a fantastic accessory to any Acer Chromebook.

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 New Protective Silicon Keyboard Cover For MacBook Launched – Macbook Keyboard Cover

Casiii Macbook Keyboard Cover Black

Casiii Acer and Macbook Keyboard Cover in the news

Casiii Macbook Keyboard Cover Black[/caption]

Casiii, an innovative one-stop-shop for the most modern keyboard covers and phone cases, is proud to announce the official launch of the Ultrathin Silicone MacBook Keyboard Cover on Amazon. Always striving to provide the latest and most durable technological protection equipment at affordable prices, the company has made the keyboard cover available in various colors, sizes, and designs.

"Most people forget how delicate and refined our precious laptops, tablets, and phones are," said Casiii Founder Nir Cohen. "It's important to invest in the longevity of these massively important devices in our lives. At Casiii, we research, design, and carry the very best protected keyboard skins and phone cases so you don't have to worry about breaking your lifelines."

The MacBook Air keyboard skin fits on almost all Macbooks and sizes. It comes in pink, green, purple, blue, gold, and black. The company will be adding further colors over the next few months. The keyboard cover has been designed to offer protection from dust, dirt, spills and general wear and tear. The company states that the cover can even protect the device from drink spills.

The ultrathin covers are made from engineered thermoplastic silicone, which has been designed to conform to any size of the laptop, with or without retina display. Measuring just 1mm in thickness, it allows for maximum touch-response when typing. Casiii has designed the material to be highly durable to make it last a lifetime. Additionally, the material is fully eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. The cover can also be easily removed and cleaned, which further extends its durability.

"An investment in our keyboard skin is an investment in the durability of your laptop for years," explains Cohen. "For an incredibly inexpensive rate, you'll be ensuring your laptop stays protected, pristine, and functioning through the duration of its life. Consider a Macbook Silicone Keyboard Cover today – your laptop will thank you."

Casiii offers a 100% replacement guarantee for the Macbook silicon keyboard cover, as they fully believe in the quality and effectiveness of the product. This guarantee also extends to the other products that the company has made available. The full Casiii product line can be viewed on the Amazon platform, as well as on their own website.


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Casiii Acer Keyboard Cover 



Casiii Acer and Macbook Keyboard Cover in the news 

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