Casiii Ultrathin MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover

Color: Plum Purple

I would have chosen the bold lovely colors but I thought of my husband so I got the black one. I am more than satisfied because it just looks like the normal MacBook keyboard color. You can still see the light underneath the keys and they were able to properly and exactly fit a ‘light’ spot for the caps lock key. It fits flat and doesn’t move while typing. I noticed they changed the icon on one key though which I think made it better, it’s the upper right key, they added the “power” icon. I am currently using it while typing this review and it felt as though I’m typing without it! It says that it is washable so I tried to wash it before use. I think it’s a nice feature in case it gets dusty due to long use or if I (unfortunately and hope not) spill drops of my coffee on it. 🙂 I received a sample in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Color: Black Verified Purchase


Length: 1:38 Mins

This is a review of the Casiii Guard ultra-thin keyboard cover. I received a free sample for review.

I’ve had other similar ultra-thin covers that seem identical to this one except for the brand name. Like the others, this is exactly form-fitting over the keyboard of my MacBook Pro. It is so thin that my typing speed is not affected and in fact I did not even have to have an adjustment period of time to get used to having this on my keyboard.

A keyboard cover is nearly an essential piece of cheap insurance for your keyboard. I will protect your keyboard from collecting dust, dirt, donut crumbs, nacho chip crumbs… oh, maybe I’m revealing too much of my eating habits… under the keys of your keyboard. It will also protect your keyboard from errant drops of water, coffee or beer (darn, there I go again.) This will not offer much protection against a catastrophic liquid event however since liquid will easily work it’s way around and under the perimeter edges of the protector and eventually get under your keyboard. But it will offer excellent protection against dust, crumbs and the possible drips of liquid.

Over time you will find that the color over the most used keys will start to wear off and the letters and symbols will fade away too. But then you will start seeing the actual key showing through.

I like this and wouldn’t be without one on my MacBook Pro keyboard.

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Color: Purple Ombre Verified Purchase

Length: 3:55 Mins

A keyboard cover should have the following characteristics:
=It should be very thin so that the keys maintain their original feel as much as possible
=It should be waterproof
=It should be washable
=It should be inexpensive, so you can get one for every keyboard you own
=Optionally, it could have different colors than your existing keyboard keys

This keyboard cover does all of these with ease. Check my video. I took it out of the package, lay the cover on my Macbook keyboard, and voila! I was done. Hey, I removed it just as easily and put it on a wireless Mac keyboard. Same experience. I tried doing some touch typing on it (some on the video, quite a lot more off screen), and it works quite well. I don’t think you can get much better than this. I love this thing. Thumbs (and keys) up, way up!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample in exchange for a review. Shoot, as inexpensive as this one is, I would have just bought it. I bought one for my wife’s Macbook Pro, and it works just as well. I love it. I was too dumb to buy one for my wireless keyboard, and what do you know, I spilled a drink on it and it is now a useless brick. Save yourself. Get plenty of these covers.

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Color: Black Verified Purchase

This is an awesome spread for your portable workstation phone. It is simply far better for individuals who eat and drink while they are on their portable PC. This is a super thin silicone console spread. It helps from the fluid, sustenance, or dust from entering your portable PC where it can harm if not obliterate your PC. This specific one is super thin so it resembles there is nothing on it by any means. I obtained this for my little girl as she is 13 and utilizations a PC for everything that she does at school , yet is not the most cautious individual on the planet. It genuinely shields her tablet from unplanned harm from fluids and sustenance.

Disclaimer: This product was supplied to me for Free/discounted price by the vendor to utilize and assess it for their clients. I don’t evacuate a negative or lower star audit at the vender’s solicitation, nor will I keep away from posting a 1, 2 or 3-star rating in the event that I find that the thing merits it. I do however maintain whatever authority is needed to alter my audit whenever, if amid the utilization of the item the quality or convenience changes. My words and the rating I gave are my own particular and depend on all alone individual involvement with this thing.

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Color: Black Verified Purchase

We have a broken key, and couldn’t fix it well. Everything we touched that key, it pop. After adding this product, the annoying problem was fixed, yay! The product is thin enough that we can still close the mac. Highly recommend.

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Color: Plum Purple Verified Purchase

I absolutely love this product! I had just bought it to try it out as something that would help protect my laptop. I’d rather spend a few dollars on a cover than on a new laptop…that was my logic. It definitely helps keep dust or crumbs from getting under your keys. It also helps with minor water. I drink my iced coffees while I’m on my laptop, and if I happen to get a drop or two on my laptop, I know it will be fine. I’m not in anyway saying it’s waterproof, but it helps with little drops like what I just said. Also, I do a lot of work in dimmly lit rooms and I was pleasantly surprised at how much better I could see the letters I the keys. The contrast in the purple/white is great. I posted a picture with and without it on so you can see the difference. I’ll end by sayin that it is super thin…thinner than I ever imagined. It does not interfere with typing whatsoever. I haven’t taken it off since I’ve got it and I plan to keep it that way.
I recieved this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
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