Adjustable Standing Desk Riser – Gas Spring Converter, 32″ (White, 32″ Ultra Slim)

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  • NECK PAIN? BACK ACHE? NEVER AGAIN. Studies show that standing while working has a myriad of benefits: Greater focus, increased productivity levels and prevent and heal back strain. IMPROVE POSTURE, STOP CRANING YOUR NECK! Increase daily movement, relieve your back pain, increase productivity levels, this desk is tailored to optimize your health! YOUR NECK, SHOULDERS, & ELBOWS WILL BE MUCH HAPPIER STANDINGS, and your co-workers will be even more impressed!
  • QUALITY WOOD AND METAL COMPONENTS, BUILT TO LAST. Understanding that our customers favor quality over almost every other feature, Casiii has constructed the desk out of super high-quality materials. The frame is made of heavy-duty metal, while the inner components are constructed from top quality wood, combining high quality with optimal weight. We are so confident in our sound construction, every desk comes with A 90 DAY GUARANTEE!
  • TIRED OF STANDING? STAND OR SIT, EASY & SMOOTH SETTINGS SWITCH! Ready to increase your productivity and relieve back pain? The adjusting levers are strong but smooth, and CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR MOST IDEAL HEIGHT. Easily alternate between unlimited heights between 1.3” to 15.7” inches range by simply pressing the conveniently placed lever on your right side, and begin feeling great the entire day! Start standing today, and unlock all the easily accessible benefits you have been reading about!
  • ROOMY SURFACES WILL NICELY FIT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET WORK DONE. Unlike other similar models, our desk has enough room to nicely FIT TWO MONITORS, NOTEBOOK, & YOUR CALCULATOR! This is also perfect for when you plug in your laptop on the desk when you’re working on two different devices! LARGE KEYBOARD TRAY FITS YOUR KEYBOARD AND YOUR MOUSE, and you can even fit a second mouse on the desk if needed!
  • START USING RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX – NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Don’t you hate putting together new furniture? Well we do too! That is why we ship this super high quality desk 100% ASSEMBLED IN A DUAL PACKED BOX! Stop fiddling with messy screws and multiple pieces, and START GETTING HEALTHIER IN LESS THAN THREE MINUTES!

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Built to Last: Our Standing Desk is constructed from superior quality materials. The frame is made from heavy-duty metal, while the inner components are constructed from wood. This combination of materials provides the optimal weight for a sturdy design.
We’re Creating the Workspace of the Future
Our goal at CASIII is to protect your tech and innovate your office while caring for your health with ergonomic designs!
We imagine, invent, and innovate practical and fun solutions that combine form, function, and fashion.

Here at CASIII, we’re always on the edge of innovation. Our amazing designers and engineers work in tandem to create what you want before you know that you want it. Are you ready to join the Standing Revolution?

Some Important Health Benefits:

-Prevents swelling of your ankles and feet by improving blood circulation

-Allows your muscles to work and get stronger

-Alleviates neck and back pain

-Helps you lose weight and prevent cardiovascular diseases: standing burns more calories than sitting

-Fights fatigue by standing at the office

-Improves your posture

Sit or Stand With Ease: Customize your Casiii Desk to your ideal height with the smooth adjusting levers. Easily alternate between the 1.5” to 17” inches range by simply pressing the conveniently placed lever on the right side of your desk.

No Assembly Required: Our Casiii Slim32 Stand Up Desk is ready to use right-out-of-the-box. It is pre-assembled in a dual packed box so that you can start enjoying the many benefits of standing immediately upon its arrival!

Additional information

Weight25.1 kg
Dimensions36.20 x 24.80 x 5.10 cm


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